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meditation cushion

New to meditation? Unsure what is the right height for your cushion? Build the Height Adjustable Meditation Cushion!

The cushion is filled with layers of foam, so you can adjust it by adding or removing pieces.

You start by cutting 14 pieces of foam, for instance closed cell camping mattress foam. (sizes in centimeters)

These will be stacked up like this. As you can see, 13 cm is the minimum height that the cushion can be adjusted to. If you need more, take 13 cm down to, for instance, 10 cm.

To avoid that the 13  individual small pieces move while you are sitting still, I wrapped them in fabric, that I Velcro-ed together (adjustable!)

This is the outer fabric. Careful study of the photo will reveal the exact sizes…

… or click on the diagram to see the pattern.

I have used D-rings, straps and Velcro to attach the parts to each other at the bottom in an adjustable way.

The small part (D in the pattern) has Velcro to keep it in place.

The closed cushion

Yes, there is a Mk I, it is more ore less a square bag with straps attached to it. I did not like the front corner, so decided to create the Mk II.

Email me if you have questions.