Windmill Molen Wateringen Holland The Netherlands

Holiday at Home is an attempt to photograph things in my own country as if I were a tourist. Windmills, churches and other stuff that I would certainly have photographed if I were anything other than Dutch and was visiting the Netherlands.

I like to photograph plants. They are easy to focus on, do not tend to move (except by wind), and often have flowers that please the eye.

Berenklauw hogweed, cow parsnip
mother and child, Kathmandu, Nepal

People are also very interesting to photograph. They are more difficult subjects than plants, as they move around and sometimes refuse to have their picture taken.

Animals are even worse to photograph than people. You have to chase them, and then they will not stand still. Enticing them with food sometimes helps.

Yuma the New Foundlander dog hond
Transjo glass vase

Here is the other stuff that I will almost certainly split up again, once I see a new subject that I have taken enough pictures of.

Trash is great! It is bright and colorful and yet in decay and no longer wanted. There is lots of it and it creates a very picturesque environment.

soda can in a ditch

I made the resolution to start the year 2004 by photographing fireworks and kept it.