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A Thinker's Note Book


Bhikku Nanamoli


Buddhist Publication Society

First edition:


Current edition:



subtitle: Posthumous papers of a buddhist monk

Bhikku Nanamoli (Osbert Moore) was born in England in 1905, served in Italy during the second world war and went to Sri Lanka in 1949 to become a buddhist monk. He is known for his translations of Pali texts into English. After his death in 1960 this book was put together from note books with remarks that he had written down during his life. I bought this book second hand in Kathmandu at Pilgrims Book House (site).

I have typed in a part of this book and have put on its own page: The essential relation in observing.

As an afterthought I have scanned in the entire book, which is no longer for sale. You can read it in several formats:

Take a look at some samples below.

I wonder what he thinks of 2003.

A true observer.

I'll give it to you straight: there is such a thing as a square lie! From this I draw the conclusion that there must be other parallels as well.