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Public Speaking for High Schools


Dwight Everett Watkins, A.M.


American Book Company

First edition:


Current edition:


I bought Public Speaking for High Schools for 50 dollar cents in a second hand bookshop in El Paso. It was sold to me by a French lady who despite her strong French accent had been living in the USA for 30 years.
The book has been owned by M.M.S.M. Kourn who besides putting his/her name in the book also dated it june 1915. He/she attended a course given by professor Watkins (site) himself. The book contains many remarks, written with pencil or pen and ink.

These pages have been photographed rather than been scanned, because the book cannot be put completely flat on the scanner.

The book starts with an explanation on how to stand. I am suprised that the subject of how to dress does not come up. Personally I feel that the trousers of the guy on the left are distracting from whatever he might have to say.

The amount of detail is astonishing. The forefingers should not be absolutely straight, but should rest in an easy curve. I am suprised that after having thought of all the aspects of public speaking, you have the stamina to utter a single word.

In ink it says Prof. Watkins says this is leaned back a little too much.

I am impressed by the simple drawings that the author has come up with to illustrate his point.