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Veredelde Rijkunst & Op Reis met uw Auto


H.J. Peppink


Royal Netherlands Touring Club ANWB (site)

First edition:


Current edition:




Improved driviving & travelling with your car aims at pointing out all the dangers involved in driving a car. A good iniative given the dismal car crash protection (site) that the cars of the 50's offered. Cars had a tendency to disintegrate.

The cover shows my favorite Mercedes Benz. In old James Bond movies the bad guys drove Mercedes, which invariably got trashed!

Use a fountain in the mountains to really clean your car windows.

An interesting way of creating crash barriers, using steel cable. I have never seen them on the road.

The cyrillic alphabet, just in case you want to drive to Belgrado.

Various ways of ill behavior on the road. Things to notice: no street lights, almost no markings on the road. The lanes seem narrower than they are today.