old books

These pages contain scans of old books that I have bought over the years. None of them are particularly valuable. However, as discoveries they are priceless (you find this one great book in stacks and stacks of uninteresting stuff).

Chinese without a teacher (1931) is particularly useful if you want to be able to say things like Call the cook or Roast a leg of mutton.

Public Speaking for High Schools (1913) is a must if you want to hone your oratory skills.

Zoo.... werkt de Radio! (1939). Your life is incomplete without ever having built a radio. The complete book has been scanned in.

Kleine Holzfachkunde für Berufsschulen (1949). Book with lots of beautiful silhouets of tree types, as well as information on how to handle wood.

An Outline of English Phonetics (1922). Lurn to zpeak ze langkwidjz propurly.

Veredelde Rijkunst & Op Reis met uw Auto (1956). Driving in your car back when it was still adventurous.

Etiquette (1965). Find out when to take your gloves off.

A Thinker's Note Book (1980). Posthumous papers of a buddhist monk. Worthwhile. The complete book has been scanned in.

Ons Kortschrift (1925). Learn the Dutch stenography system Groote. The complete book has been scanned in.

Manoevreerkaart van de 4e divisie infanterie in 1876 in 2 bladen. Military manoevring in the peatlands.